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Posted by jennifer on November 12, 2001 at 18:34:50:

In Reply to: filling posted by jtown on November 12, 2001 at 14:47:08:

Ok, 1st mistake too late, but thanks, good to know for the future. Thanks also for the quick reply. I have some more questions, please. Where is the safety valve in the basement, is that the huge archaic gauge that when stable reads about 10psi? The system was going to 25 when the expansion tank overflowed, maybe ruptured isn't the correct terminology. The expansion tank is a small metal box (8"x12"x24") with 2 elbow pipes running parallel to each other and into the bottom. The box has welds on the bottom seams and the top looks like a tight-fitting lid with a visible lip. That's where it leaked from (the top). There is a nozzle (the kind you use to bleed out the air/water in the radators) halfway down on the side. That is all I see. Is that the safety valve? There is a pipe in the basement that dumped extra water into the basin that has since subsided.

Should I bleed the water out of the nozzle on the tank so it's not completely full? What is a sight glass? is that inside the tank? because literally besides the valve as explained above and the pipes I see nothing else.

What I'm wondering now, is given the description does the expansion tank need to be replaced? Also, how do I proceed to fill the one radiator that is just now bleeding air without the expansion tank overflowing again.

For some further background the boiler is archaic and could possibly be circa the house which is 1917, but I'm not sure. I know it's at least older than 1957 because there is a service tag with that date on it. All that I can see for the entire system is the boiler, which is about 2-3' wide by about 4' tall - quite large, cast iron with the starter pilot in a more modernized looking metal box and an electrical box that sits overtop (i'm assuming something to do with the thermostat), the gauge, explained above, a thermometer on the boiler that does not work. It seems that the gas ignites the fire which heats the water and circulates through the pipes, I don't see or hear a pump or anything else. So maybe it is some sortof gravity system. Again I'm in the dark.

Any further help is greatly appreciated.

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