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Posted by Harold Ketenholz - Hyndronic Network on October 23, 2001 at 07:59:08:

In Reply to: More questions about oil burner posted by Richard Bradley on October 23, 2001 at 06:23:50:

ignitor - correct term, but not on a oil burner.

When the pump is pumping oil into the boiler, it is atomized into a fine mist.

I have a screw on the side of the pump which I assume is either the oil flow control or the air flow to mix with oil control - it is the oil pressure regulator, not to be messed without instruments.

What do I need to do to pproperly adjust it? Oil pressure, vacuum gauges. CO2 test kit, smoke tester, stack thermometer, draft gauge. nozzle gauge, fire extinguisher, mobile phone at repair to call 911, experience with oil fires, vocational school training to handle explosive combustion equipment.

I am operating under the assumption that the air or oil flow may be blowing out the ignitor. - not likely.

Maybe the electric ignitor is not sparking.

Two possibilities, one that a safety device is shutting off the ignitor, but the pump motor comes on - wouldn't the pump motor also be shut off? - yes.

The second possibility is that the ELECTRODES are defective (it worked only once) or out of adjustment. What is the correct gap for the electrodes? Depends on the specific manufacturer specifications for height of electrode above and forward of nozzle tip, gap. Gap is often 1/8 to 3/16 on residential burner.

How can I test to see if the electrodes are working? Chamber mirror. If old-style ignition transformer - gap test of 5/8-inch spark with screwdriver.

: Finally, I originally had a problem of water in the oil but this was pumped out and the oil supplier tipped the oil storage tank to avoid any water remaining, but could thsi still be a problem - could the oil have just enough water to prevent ignition? - yes - and other problems.

Service procedures can be found in oil service and troubleshooting texts from

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