Pilot Light Come Back

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Posted by ScottJ on October 07, 2001 at 20:36:29:

I have search through this forum looking for another post that matches my problem, but no luck. So if this was posted previousley, sorry for the traffic. My problem is really with the tank water heater but it starts with the gas fired boiler. We have a Peerless water boiler, Boiler # JO3-WPC, which was installed new in our home in 1978. When we purchased the home in 1989, the boiler was oil fired. I will be the first to state that we have had no problems with the boiler itself and I would not hesitate to purchase another Peerless boiler. Approximetly 9 years ago we converted from oil to natural gas. We had a professional perform the conversion of the boiler and water heater installation. The oil burner was removed and fitted with a Wayne natural gas power burner, model #P250AFEP. Never had any trouble with it until early last year. The problem is this. When the boiler calls for heat, the power burner attempts to ignite but it occasionaly 'coughs' and then will fire after the initial cough. When the burner 'coughs' it sucks the pilot light on the water heater out. These are the only two gas appliances on the gas run into the house. I've had the professionals out 5 times, replaced the gas line regulator to a larger one, the gas line up to the 'T' for the boiler and water heater is 1-inch I.D., we've had the gas company out twice to check line preasures. the professionals have adjusted gas pressure multible times, they have been on the phone with Wayne multible times.....Still with the start of another winter, it's up to it's old tricks again. The boiler does not always 'cough', so you can never tell when the water heater pilot has gone out. I'm at the point of replacing the boiler but I'm not sure that spending the money for that is going to fix my problem. If anybody has experience with soemthing like this I would sure like to listen to what they have to say. It's only two weeks into the heating season and I'm getting very tired of re-lighting the water heater pilot....It's going to be a very long winter if I can't get this fixed...Thanks in advance for your help.

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