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Posted by Tim Hodgson on April 03, 2001 at 20:23:42:

In Reply to: Steam Heat Problem posted by Jerry H. on March 22, 2001 at 20:00:41:

: We formerly posted a message on 2-24-01 about the problem we were having with our steam heat. We were experiencing mild headaches, tingly heads, ears and feelings of mild pressure in our heads. It sounds crazy we know, but believe us it's happening! We took all suggestions that everyone sent us. We had two chimney sweeps do draft tests and look up our chimney with a camera. We had the gas company check for CO, etc. We bought a hydrometer and humidifiers and that hasn't solved the problem either. The one common thing we have figured out is that we experience these symptoms heavily in our basement around the boiler and on the first floor. We don't experience the symptoms in our rooms closed off upstairs. This has led us to believe that our repainted radiator's have nothing to do with the problem. Just this week, we had a different heating contractor in our home to give another estimate for a new boiler since our present one is the original from 1903. This boiler is covered in asbestos and so our the pipes. The boiler has all kinds of gaps and the heating contractor said it was extremely unsafe. However, he did not seem to have an idea (just like everyone else we've hired) on what could be causing our symptoms. We know it's not just us, because we don't experience problems when we are out of the home. Also, people who visit experience the symptoms too. Does anyone have any other suggestions for us? We're running out of options although we are definitely replacing the boiler this summer!! Sincerely, Jerry H.

You may want to hire an industrial hygenist to come out and test for which pollutant may be present. You may want to ventillate the basement continuously for a few days with a fan and see if the 1st floor is inhabitable. then stop the fan and see how soon the problem returns. Flush the boiler water. Heat the house to 80 for for a couple of hours or days to lower the humidity. Good Luck

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