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Posted by art on March 22, 2001 at 09:32:57:

In Reply to: Physics lesson posted by Stephen on December 20, 2000 at 12:44:17:

: We have a single pipe steam heat system. All of the radiators
: seem to work except one. It's a baseboard radiator, just a pipe
: really, in a small addition to the house. This is our first winter
: in the house, and we've never gotten any heat in the room.

: The plumber came today. After examining the radiator and
: pipework, putting in a new master valve and a ball valve,
: and snaking the pipework back to the central pipe, it seems
: our problem is one not of steam supply but of physics: the
: steam is not rising, as gases tend to do, up the pipe
: despite there being no blockage.

: The plumber is going to go consult an "old timer" to see if they
: can come up with a solution. Any ideas?

Allow me to clear some confusion. Steam vapor as a gas will expand in ALL directions relative to various pressures it encounters. Your problem seems to be a matter of supply. Check to prove that your zone supply connection is connected to a steam main NOT A CONDENSATE RETURN and be sure your connection is not below the main. Trap after your baseboard and be sure that the piping after the trap is pitched slightly downward and connects to your condensate return. Also be sure there's no steam pressure in this condensate line and that it is properly vented at atmosphere. If problem is too complex e-mail me.


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