Conversion burner problem

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Posted by Chris NJ on June 08, 2000 at 13:31:40:

Background: I have a Crown Steam boiler model DS 595 designed to burn oil at a rate of 1.95 gal./hr. Sometime before I bought the house, the former owners converted to a gas burner (Magic Servant 200,000 btu).

After a couple of years I realized that the furnace would run and run to heat the house barely making any steam at all. I then decided based on calculations that the burner was undersized for the furnace. I purchased a Wayne Blue Angel gas burner with intermittent ignition set up for 265,000 BTU's. Both the old unit and the new unit are "inshot type burners". The unit worked fine, but the problem was the noise! When it started up, it sounded like a freight train running through the house. In fact, the one clue that might help is that the exhuast stack from the furnace to the chimney thimble actually vibrates when the unit is running. The stack pipe is 9" diameter with the proper damper. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that I would have a slightly higher noise level due to the size of the unit, but I don't believe it should be that loud.

I had the unit adjusted for proper flame, over fire draft, etc., but can't figure this one out. needless to say, I removed the Blue Angel and put the old standing pilot unit back in. I would really like to use the new unit since I believe it would reduce my heating costs significantly.

Any ideas you might have would be appreciated.


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