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Posted by Tim Hodgson on May 03, 2000 at 22:53:35:

In Reply to: Stack Limit Switch posted by Jim on May 01, 2000 at 14:05:55:

: I recently had a problem with my Honeywell stack limit switch. It was not turning on the boiler when the
: temperature dropped below the trigger point. When I took the old switch to the heating supply store, they
: all laughed at the switch and said that was the most unsafe switch ever designed. They want to charge
: 125.00 for a new one. I am now wondering if this is a waste of money because I can buy a new boiler for
: 1500.00 which I am able to install myself. Since my old Arcoliner is from 1954, I think I am sending alot
: of oil dollars up the chimney. Has anyone had any safety issues/problems with the old stack limit
: switches??? Any thoughts on purchasing a new boiler now at my convenience rather than waiting until
: something cracks in the middle of the winter where I wouldn't have the luxury of doing it myself over two
: days??? Will I really save much oil? Thanks!

stack switches have been used for 60 years and I prefer the older units. the warranty problems with the new stack switches have been too high for my liking. The new boiler will save you 15 to 25 % on your fuel bill. they operate around 80 - 85% efficiency. a new oil burner will cost from $850-$1000 and operate at least 80 % eff.

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