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Posted by scrook on December 24, 2000 at 12:46:42:

In Reply to: Re: Info on Steam Radiator Valve Adjustments & More posted by Ted Marzynski on December 12, 2000 at 14:00:22:

: : Go to Home Depot ( I don't have stock and I don't work there). There you will find the maid-o-mist radiator valves. You will notice they come in various vent, that is hole sizes. They are cheap a buck or two each at most. In general the larger the vent the more heat that radiator will generate. So you want to have the largest vent size in the coldest rooms. Here are some key tips. Always put the smallest vent in the room with the thermostat otherwise that room will get hot and shut off the thermostat before other rooms can be warmed. Also in general the rooms closest to the boiler room should have small vents for example the first floor of a multi-floor house. the second floor should have the next largest size vents and the third/fourth floors increasingly larger vent sizes on the radiators.

: : some other genral tips: make sure the radiators are "pitched-back" towards the pipe that brings steam into the radiator. This is os the condensed water can find its way easily back to the boiler. Because as steam enters the radiator it cools and becomes water (as it heats your room) the water must then flow back to the boiler room. You can put a sliver of wood under one side of the radiator legs to pitch it back. Don't go nuts with the pitch though it only needs to be slight -almost imperceptible. Watch your fingers too! Ouch!

: : Best of luck. let me know if this helps.
: : Sincerely,
: : Mr. Heat Miser

: I have a steam setup as you described. The dining room has a small valve and a thermostat. The remaining rooms have progressively larger valve. A plumber closed the dining room valve about a week ago and it made a huge difference in the rest of the house. Today, the gas company fully opened the dining rooom valve. Now the dining room will get hot quickly and the rest of the house will be cold. How do you adjust the amount of steam that comes out of the valve? Do I need special tools?

You can buy adjustable vents, or you can buy slow and fast fixed vents. Get an adjustable or a slow one for the dining room and/or a faster one for the slowest heating rads. Also BIG rads will want a faster vent than little ones as they have more air in them. Be sure to leave the inlet valve FULL open or FULL shut.

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