Maximum working pressure of cast iron boilers?!

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Posted by Ziad on October 05, 2000 at 07:13:40:

I know some might consider this as cross-posting, but I think I've sent it to the wrong forum in the fisrt place. Forgive me :-)

Can anyone tell me what he maximum operating pressure of any Cast Iron boiler is? An example would be nice. I have a brochure from DeDietrich of the GT500 hotwater Cast Iron boilers, and it claims a maximum operating pressure of 8bar! I thought that Cast Iron boilers are restricted to a maximum operating pressure of 5bars (which translates to a maximum design pressure of 6bar). I asked a technical person from a German boiler manufacturer, that manufacture Cast Iron boilers to a maximum of 5bar, about it and this is what he had to say:
"We know of one other company that claims up to 8.0 bar working pressure, but please be aware that it is standard for German boilermakers to say a maximum working pressure of say 8.0 bar, but what that actually means is that the safety valve setting is 8.0 bar. We do the same and it can cause confusion if you are not familiar with the terminology".
I would like a lot of opinions on this, and some technical data to support if available. Should the maximum be 5bars, I have to warn the client from buying a Cast Iron boiler and ask him to go for a Steel Boiler instead.



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