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Need Help on My Masters Thesis

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Posted by John Marshall on June 20, 2002 at 07:30:15:

Hello. My name is John Marshall. I am a US Navy Post-Graduate student working on my thesis, entitled, “Staffing Issues: Expanding the Use of Control Room Simulators in a Military Environment.”

In my internet research on noted experts in this field, I ran across your name. I was wondering if you could offer me a few minutes of your time to answer some questions pertaining to my thesis.

1. The US Navy is embarking on an ambitious plan to implement control room simulators for their nuclear propulsion fleet to include such vehicles as carriers and submarines. The simulator technology hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years and is considered legacy by some. Do you think it will be difficult to identify professionals like yourself who would be interested in going back to this type of work.

2. Much of the development and construction for these simulators will occur in non-descript places like Pittsburgh, PA and Schenectady, NY. Do you think professionals like yourself would contemplate relocating to these locations if the duration of work exceeded 3-4 years?

3. Except for the use of object-oriented technology in a Windows environment, most programming of these simulators still uses languages such as C or Fortran. These very old languages are not the preferred choice of graduates today or even in the ten years. Do you know who would be challenged and qualify for by this type of work today?

4. The height of most commercial simulator technology occurred in the 1970’s with projects like TMI and then later in the early 80’s with a local plant to me like BG&E. Experts who worked on this technology are probably now at least in their mid-forties or older. Do you feel that these folks are still enamored with work they did over 20 years ago and would still be inclined to get back into it again?

5. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Your answers are critical to accurately compiling my research for my thesis. Before I leave, I was wondering if you might know some current or former colleagues that were involved in software simulation/modeling as it pertain to the nuclear core, piping process, or electrical diagrams?

Again, let me thank you once again for taking the time to help me complete my research.

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