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Consulting Assignment

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Posted by Joseph Gentile on January 15, 2002 at 08:16:52:

Technical Assistance Bureau, Inc.
11469 Olive Boulevard, Suite 108 St. Louis, MO 63141
Division of Resource Development
Toll Free Voice:888-547-5124 Toll Free Fax: 888-738-4539
URL: http://www.tabexperts.com email: joegentile@tabexperts.com


We are a professional services company providing consulting services to lawyers and insurance companies when technical expertise is required to resolve matters in litigation. My particular function is to advise our consultants of new requirements as well as to locate and recruit new consultants when needed.

Today, we have a client/lawyer in Washington state who represents a company which provides a variety of boiler services, cleaning, repairs and overhauls. The boilers serviced were typically located on US Navy ships, cargo vessels, paper mills, industrial plants, hospitals and many other types of buildings. This company along with many others is being sued by numerous claimants who were employed as pipefitters, construction workers, longshoremen between 1949 and 1979, and they allege exposure to airborne asbestos dust, resulting in a variety of illnesses. With regard to new construction, this company assembled boilers at its shop and installed the completed boilers. With regard to servicing boilers, some asbestos-containing products such as certain types of high temperature cement, gaskets, castable mortar-type refractories and refractory bricks may have been used in conjunction with boiler overhauls. Our client needs an industry expert who knows these products, their base ingredients, their applications and periods of availability, especially as used in boiler servicing, to consult with him, and if necessary and warranted someday serve as an expert witness for the defense.

If you are interested in this matter, we would like to have a copy of your current resume and fee schedule for consultation, investigation, travel, deposition and trial appearance which you may submit either as an email attachment in any format or via fax transmission. In the event you are not available, a referral to a colleague would be most appreciated.

Upon receipt, we will arrange for a telephone conference with our client, so that you will be able to get complete details and decide if you want to proceed further, and if you do, we will then secure and pay you an appropriate sum of money for you to do the initial necessary work.

It should also be noted that Technical Assistance Bureau is a commercial enterprise, and in order to provide for our overhead and profit, we will markup the fees you charge us. The exact markup we will charge to our clients will be submitted to you for your approval, in another memo which will follow immediately upon receipt of your fee schedule.

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