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Posted by Carl on March 08, 2000 at 12:16:06:

In Reply to: Steam boilers posted by Yvon Narbonne on March 05, 2000 at 15:31:00:

: I would like to know the daily,weekly,monthly and annually maintenance needed to be done.
: Thank you.

Just as a point, this is in the National Board
main window this week.

The following maintenance items, as appropriate to the specific boiler system, need to be considered for implementation on a regular basis (e.g.,
daily, weekly, monthly, semiannually, annually). A checklist of the items should be incorporated into a maintenance log with provisions for
checking off the item for the appropriate period. A separate log sheet is suggested for each period. The log sheets can be filed in a loose-leaf
binder, and should be retained as a permanent maintenance record.

The log sheets can be used as a handy check-off system when establishing a facility maintenance program. In all cases the equipment
manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.


Blow down and test low water cutoffs of steam boilers (once per shift for high pressure)
Blow down gage glasses (steam)
Blow down make up feeder (low pressure steam)
Blow down boiler (steam)
Check boiler control linkage
Check boiler and system for leaks
Check burner flame


Check compressor(s) lubricating oil level (control and atomizing)
Check flame signal strength for both pilot and main flame, and record readings
Check flame failure cutoff and timing
Check pilot and main flame fuel shutoff valve closing
Check igniter and burner operation
Check level in chemical treatment tank


Check compressor(s) air filter, and clean or replace as required
Check boiler water treatment test results received from treatment company, adjust treatment as required
Lubricate motor and equipment bearings
Test fan and air pressure interlocks
Check main burner fuel safety shutoff valves for leakage
Check low fire start interlock
Check high pressure / temperature interlocks
Test low water cutoffs (hot water)
For oil - test pressure and temperature interlocks
For gas - test high and low gas pressure interlocks
Manually lift safety/safety relief valves and check operation


Inspect burner components
Check flame failure system components
Check piping and wiring of all interlocks and shutoff valves
Recalibrate all indicating and recording gages and instruments
Perform a slow drain test for low water cutoffs (steam)
Check combustion control system
For oil - check atomizers and strainers
Test boiler safety/safety relief valves in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sections VI and VII


Perform the SEMIANNUAL maintenance procedures
Check all equipment coils and diaphragms
Perform a pilot turndown test
Recondition or replace low water cutoff
For gas - check drip leg and gas strainer
Clean boiler firesides
Drain boiler, open manholes and hand holes, and clean watersides
Have boiler inspected by a commissioned inspector
Clean burner and fans
Replace gaskets
Leak-test all fuel valves
Test operation of al controls and safety devices
Have fuel-burning system adjusted using combustion test instruments


Make a record of all maintenance and parts replacement in the maintenance log

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