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Posted by Vern on March 29, 2001 at 07:13:55:

In Reply to: Miura Boilers posted by mmaxwell on March 27, 2001 at 10:47:10:

: I am investigating the purchase of a new boiler(s). The application is ideally suited for a boiler that can handle quick start-ups as we do not have a constant load. We currently run a CB 500 hp 24/7 but the cycling is taking its toll.

: While searching the internet I found the "perfect" boiler...Miura. Here are the claims: "We can offer reliable, high quality steam within 5 minutes from a cold startup, double the capacity of your existing boiler room, and reduce your fuel costs an average of 20%."

: Does anyone have experience with these boilers? Are the claims true?

From a water chemistry point of view, you need to be extremely careful with your incoming water to the Miura.
They have small tubes, which means a high heat release, which will make it very easy to plug up the tubes if your incoming
water is not clean, i.e. soft. If you are looking for a boiler which has low fuel costs, and gets up to steam in a hurry, and is
not too awful difficult to keep clean internally, investigate Clayton Steam Generators. They are a pain to work on, and if you get a lemon
it will be down a lot. But I have several customers here in California who won't buy anything else strictly because of the
lesser fuel costs associated with these units. You can successfully keep these units clean by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of
softened water and proper chemical usage. Be careful of buying your chemical from Clayton, they will really stick it to you in terms
of usage.

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