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Posted by B.T.Bill on March 23, 2001 at 07:08:04:

In Reply to: Moisture in Bearing Resevoirs posted by Michael White on March 21, 2001 at 00:39:24:

: Have had a ongoing problem with moisture in bearing housing resevoirs on our Steam Feed Water Pump Turbine, we replace the Carbon Rings, but we still get trace ammounts of water. As I do the Purchasing for our COGEN I was asked to find and purchase "Clear Lucite Resevoirs" to be installed at the drain point on the Wet Sumps. This way we can monitor any water build up without opening the drains. Iv'e gone through my normal sources looking for these items but have come up dry. Does anyone know of a supplier of "Clear Lucite Resevoir"? Leave a message or email me at
: Thanks in advance,
: Mike

: I can't help you with the bearing covers but you may want to consider a sight glass on the lowest point of the bearing housing drain connection. Water should show up in the sight glass letting the operators know when water is starting to accumilate.
How old are these turbines? Most newer units have done away with carbon rings and use labyrinth seals. My experience with this is identical to yours and was always a maintenance headache. You mentioned changing out the carbon rings, but remember oil is getting into the bearing housing as well. What is the condition of the bearing housing oil seals? You may want to inspect those as well.
In one fix I have seen a small blower with flexible ductwork taking suction in the area between the turbine and bearing housing. The steam wisping out of the turbine seals was sucked away before it was allowed to build up and get into the bearings.
Also I don't think that these covers will be of help for long. The oil/water mix is going to dirty them up pretty quick and you may be back in the same boat before long.
Unfortunatly this is a common woe with turbines set up like this. Hope I helped!

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