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Re: dryness fraction

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Posted by Steamer on December 10, 2003 at 17:12:25:

In Reply to: dryness fraction posted by s harikrishnan on December 02, 2003 at 02:27:49:

: any any help me to find out the dryness fraction of a given sample of wet stream???

: thanks and regards,
: hari

Hi Hari

Rather than try to find out the dryness fraction of steam, I advise you to try to have the best "dry" steam to your process.

The use of Humidity separator with suitable steam trap set will be more worthwile in terms of process efficiency than any thing else.

In fact if you install a Humidity Separator in front of a steam meter, you can calcule the dryness fraction of the steam by condensing and weighing the live condensate from the steam trap.

If you have for example a flow 900 Kg/h or pounds/hr (no mater) read on the steam meter and after 15 minutes of a average discharge into a cannister with initial 100 Kg (or pounds)of cold water you have 125 Kg (or pounds), you can then establish that your dryness fraction is of 90% i.e. 10% water. The adittional 25 Kg in 15 minutes became 100 Kg/h or pounds. 100 is 10% of the total flow of 1000Kg/h being 900 Kg/h of steam and 100 Kg/hr of condensate.

This indirect reading system has three big advantages:
1 - You have "Dry saturated steam" to your process (some separators have 99% efficiency);

2 - You have a steam meter that will help you to monitor and target steam savings in that department.

3 - You will have a protected steam meter from water erosion and really measuring steam.

For more information you should visit the site www.spiraxsarco.com were you can find information regarding this type of equipment special on theirs Learning Center.

Finally where possible install "Variable Area Type Steam meters" they are the more reliable and with a high turndown that fits perfectly in steam systems.

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