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Re: Training needed to convert my military skills to a civilian job

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Posted by AmmoniaMan on June 17, 2003 at 05:06:16:

In Reply to: Re: Training needed to convert my military skills to a civilian job posted by Amy on June 11, 2003 at 11:03:23:

After 27 years it's gonna be awfully hard to drop the jargon. Once you get home look up the local NAPE chapter and try to hit a meeting or two. Get to talking right to the chiefs and not the human resources guys (they might be ex-navy too but they were PN's).


: : Hey there! Try a search for NIULPE...it stands for National Institute of Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers...if you take the test, and get the license, it can really help with getting a job. Plus, try to leave all the Military Jargon out of your resume...some civilians don't know what it means, but I can tell you that most civilian operating engineers are ex-Navy...I used to be an EN. Try sending your resume via internet...search for stuff like Boiler Operator, Plant Operator, Stationary Engineer, Powerhouse Operator...etc...Usually, if you just put "Boiler" you will come up with all kinds of jobs. Also, put your chilled water stuff down...most civilian chillers use Cooling Towers to cool the water for the condensers....etc...Good luck in civilian life....you actually get to go home, after your shift!!! :)

: : Senior Chief...

: : I know nothing at all about Texas except that you're not supposed to mess with it but... Your DD214 along with a decent resume should speak for itself. The trouble with find a stationary engineer's job is you usually have to wait until someone dies for a position to open up. Any Human Resources guy with half a brain should recognize the depth of the experience you're packing.

: : Look into the State/Local licensing requirements and prep for the exams.

: : a hint... civilians run their deaerators at 10-15 psi, not the 45 psi I was used to... I pooched that question.

: : Good Luck...

: : Tom - ex hole snipe

: : : Please, I need help--I am an active duty E-8 Conventional Machinist Mate with experience in Open 1200 and 600 PSI steam plants in addition to HVAC and hydraulics. I have been in 26 years, and just love to make electricity, but the problem is that I have been to a few job fairs (I am getting out in 11 months, and I really need some help in what courses that I can take at a college or training facility to prove what I know, I am of couse willing to start at the bottom, but I need to know what are the best schools in the Houston Texas area I can enroll in to give me a piece of paper to go with my knowledge. If there are any old snipes out there, please lend me some advice, I do not want to greet people at Wal-mart, I want to stay steaming.

: : : Respectfully

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