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NOTE ! The form below is to request information on a new firetube boiler only. If you require a used boiler please visit the used firetube boiler page here.

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    Due to an extremely high number of inquiries we must limit on-line firm bids to those projects where a firm order will be placed within one month from date of request. If all you require is preliminary pricing and information please visit our Firetube Boiler Budget Pricing Page.

  2. Select Boiler Capacity:
    Boiler Horsepower - Steam Output (at 212 F)

    For boilers under 100 HP please check Vertical Tubeless Boiler pricing Click here for on-line pricing.

  3. Boiler Design Pressure (PSIG):

  4. Primary and Standby Fuels Required:
    Select ONLY those that apply
    Natural Gas
    #2 Fuel Oil
    #6 Fuel Oil

  5. All quotations will include standard trim specification:

    • ASME Code Construction
    • Main Steam Pressure Gauge
    • Saftey Relief Valves
    • Operating High Pressure Limit
    • Water Level Controls:
      • Float Type Primary Pump Control and Low Water Cut Out
      • Probe Type Secondary LWCO
      • Blowdown Valves
    • Burner Controller with Flame Safeguard
    • Junction Box with Level Control Relay
    • Water Gauge Set on Water Column
    • Rear Observation Port
    • Insulated and Jacketed Exterior
    • Handhole Openings per ASME Code
    • Fabricated Steel Base


  6. Other Optional Equipment to Include:
    Click Here to Select a Boiler Feedwater System

  7. Any additional information

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