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Budgetary Boiler Pricing Information

This page has been created to assist students that require only conceptual numbers for projects or for anyone that only requires budgetary type boiler price information. No prices are firm. Prices from different manufacturers may vary significantly depending on options.

The following assumptions have been used:

1) Boiler Size, Performance, Price and Dimentions

2) Most packaged boilers will include this standard trim specification:

  • ASME Code Construction
  • Main Steam Pressure Gauge
  • Saftey Relief Valves
  • Operating High Pressure Limit
  • Water Level Controls:
    • Float Type Primary Pump Control and Low Water Cut Out
    • Probe Type Secondary LWCO
    • Blowdown Valves
  • Burner Controller with Flame Safeguard
  • Junction Box with Level Control Relay
  • Water Gauge Set on Water Column
  • Rear Observation Port
  • Insulated and Jacketed Exterior
  • Handhole Openings per ASME Code
  • Fabricated Steel Base
3) Don't forget to add the accessory components if required:
A boiler requires other machinery for its operation. This equipment is:
  • Water softener
  • Boiler feedwater system including feedtank and feedpumps
  • Chemical treatment equipment
  • Boiler economizer
  • Blowdown equipment
  • Condensate return system
  • Natural gas or fuel oil supply equipment

Adding these components will increase the price of the project by 30% to 60% the cost of the boiler itself on average.

4) Installation is another factor:

The cost of installing a boiler is difficult to estimate. Many factors such as ease of installation in the facility, demolition of old equipment, different labor expenses, and other considerations make a guess at the installation price difficult. For conceptual information, assume the installation price will run 50% to 100% of the cost of all of the boiler equipment purchased.

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