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Re: Peerless Pinnacle blower motor/impeller

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Posted by Gregg on March 29, 2007 at 18:29:16:

In Reply to: Peerless Pinnacle blower motor/impeller posted by Jim on March 18, 2007 at 11:37:55:

: We've had our Peerless Pinnacle boiler (PI-80N) for four years and in that time we've had to replace the blower motor three times because the plastic impeller blades crack and jam the motor. Have other people had this problem and what is the cause? We have six years left on our extended warranty (thank God).

I work for an HVAC company in upstate NY, and we have installed several dozen Peerless Pinnacles.

The problem with the impeller is very common. We were originally told by a company tech rep that the problem is caused by improper venting design. He said that when exhaust gets sucked into the air intake and mixes with the air going into the combustion blower, that it weakens the plastic impeller, and it eventually breaks. Although I'm not sure I believe this is the complete explanation. We had a Peerless rep inspect some of our installations and they were all properly vented. Also the plastic impellers have recently been replaced with stainless steel impellers on newer combustion blowers, and the motors on the new combustion blowers are running at lower speeds.

We have also had several other problems with Pinnacles; which I wont go into now, but one thing I will say is be sure to have your boiler THOROUGHLY CLEANED at least once per year. Which includes removing the front cover and cleaning in between the stainless steel coils of the combustion chamber with a product like CLR or Lime Away, and can take 2-3 hours to do properly.

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