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Re: Cleaver Brooks rear door hole

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Posted by Robert Marcoux on March 06, 2007 at 13:11:26:

In Reply to: Re: Cleaver Brooks rear door hole posted by Jacob on February 05, 2007 at 18:33:03:

: : : : : I have 3 Cleaver Brooks 700hp boilers.
: : : : : Model # CB100-700-150
: : : : : I've noticed some combustion gas leaking out of the bottom of the rear door on one of them. We found a small bored hole at the very bottom of the door approx 1/4 in diameter. The other two have this as well but are not leaking any gas. I've never noticed these before and am wondering what they are for. Maybe cheater holes?
: : : : : Thanks

: : : : The leak is most likely from a warped rear head causing the outer door gasket to leak. Or just a bad gasket.

: : : Thanks Rick. Actually the rear door was loose and leaking which was why I was snooping under there in the first place. The door is sealed now but I still have gas coming out of this little hole. I have never noticed this hole on these or any other boilers and Im curious as to why they are there.?????

: : I haven't run one of those CB Scotch Marine dry backs in a long time but the hole may be a tell-tale hole to indicate damage refractory baffling in the rear door.

: : Drain in case of a tube leak so it does not flood the furnace an tubing.

I have seen water coming out of these holes when heating up a cold boiler. I have also seen vapor coming out when a boiler had ruptured tubes.

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