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Re: D.A. capacity(volume)

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Posted by rick on December 25, 2006 at 14:00:28:

In Reply to: D.A. capacity(volume) posted by Joey on December 22, 2006 at 12:04:13:

: My question-condition is this. We have a 200Hp F.T. Boiler that generates 4000lbs. of steam per hour and another that generates 3000lbs. of steam perhour and as well a 95Hp W.T. Boiler that generates 3300bs. of steam per hour. We currently are operating using one deaerator that supplies feedwater(210degF) rated at 7000lbs. perhour and another D.A.(180degF) that supplies the same. However, that latter has trouble maintaining proper level and is down right now. No-one here seems to be able to properly explain to me why. The mill I work at is expanding and the contractor is installing another 95Hp W.T. Boiler. Will these two D.A.'s be able to supply the four boilers with feedwater? Thank you for any help or suggestions in advance.
: JF

I agree with BoilerGuy that your hp vs steam generating capacity numbers do not jive. Using 34.5 lbs/hp you have @ 17,000 lb/hr steam generating capacity and 14,000 lb/hr deaerating capacity at maximum firing rates on all 3 boilers. I sent you an e-mail with several questions that need to be answered before you can even begin to troubleshoot your problem.

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