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Posted by Gary Jaeckel on December 04, 2006 at 16:07:20:

In Reply to: Miura Boiler posted by Gary on May 02, 2006 at 13:24:29:

: Has anyone had any dealings with MIURA Boiler? I am looking at the EX series 300 hp steam boiler to replace our older Scotch marine units. This is a relatively new product out there. Not much Info available. My Boiler inspector has never seen one. or heard anything as of yet. Any Info good or bad would be appreciated

To speak about service these units are a breeze. Two stage firing, a system with more diagnostics than any other on the market, annual inspections in a matter of 1 to 2 hours, virtually no refractory to replace or repair and no gaskets. Miura is particular about who services their units. They offer factory training to customers. This is to assure that people know what they are doing when they work on the units. Service is not required to be done by Miura directly.
In addition Miura offers an on line monitoring service (MOM) to customers so Miura can monitor the boiler. This package also offer additional diagnostics. Our hospital customers are saving a boat load of money on service. The old scotch boilers always took several days to shut down, cool down open up and inspect. If refractory work which is not untypical is required a single boiler may be down for days at a very large expense.

Noise is not a problem if you purchase the intake silencer kit. With the silencer installed noise levels are very low.

Miura also has low Nox (sub 20) on the standard unit as well as low Nox versions below that. Standard trim includes many items that are "EXTRA" for other boilers including a built in stack economizer, auto surface blow down, advanced diagnostics. A complete multiple installation module is available with a variety of ways to operate multiple boilers. With multiple installations on large loads it offers flexibility for a customer to grow as well as to save energy by shutting the units off that are not needed rather than just turning the firing rate down.

Miura is not a new company. I don't know the exact years but we have been selling them for over 15 years here in the US and I believe they were at least 10 years here prior to that. Presently they manufacture for the North American Market in Canada. I understand they are the largest boiler manufacturer in the world. If you want information rather than gossip check out Miura's web site for more details.

If you want to save lots of fuel (in some cases we have saved our customers over 25%), space (Two 200 H.P. units can usually fit into the space of one 200 H.P. scotch) and maintenance costs check out a Miura. We have lots of happy customers who have benefited from the new technology that Miura offers.

Check out AERCO. I am pretty sure they don't have steam boilers!

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