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Sagging of Re-Heater tubes and Secondary Super heater tubes

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Posted by YUSUF JAMIL on November 25, 2005 at 06:34:42:

We have ELPASO radiant boiler(Babcock & Wicox).There are four primary super heaters, Secondary super heater and Re-heater. The SSH, RH & PSH 4 are in 1st gas path while others are in 2nd gas path. This boiler is in operation since 1999, in a steam power plant. We are facing the following problems: -
1. In the Re-Heater, several tubes from first row of RH coil are sagged and deflected (Down stream SSH). Problem is there since 2002
2. This year, we have found sagging in some SSH tubes in the middle zone coils.
3. In the Primary Superheater-04 (Leaving 1st. path area), some tubes also found deflected and their saddles are sheared from one side.
It is worth mentioning that the Unit is operated in a cycling mode of load dispatches, at an average of 4 or 5 load cycles from 130 MW gross to 30 MW gross and vice-versa. The Unit also undergoes 40 startups per year on an average.

I would like to know if someone give opinion as to the reason of these problems, and how to eliminate them?

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