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Re: pump cavitation

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Posted by Tony Conner on September 30, 2006 at 17:38:43:

In Reply to: pump cavitation posted by joey on September 30, 2006 at 02:41:16:

At 180*F, the DA water is just not hot enough to drive off the dissolved oxygen. If there's any amount of make-up water coming into that DA, it's busy being pitted to death.

The bouncing pump pressures could be due to a number of things - how the feedwater is controlled, pump sizing, suction piping, etc. I've seen enough botched suction piping on pumps (not just boiler feedpumps) to make that one of the first things to check.

: Our two feedwater pumps cavitate and make gurgling noises and the such on one of our Deaerators. Also the discharge pressures bounce up and down from 170psi to 220psi. What should my pump pressures be? The temperature of this tank reads from 218F to 230F. Isn't this too high of a feedwater temperature? Are the pumps steambound? Boiler is a 200hp S'toon firetube with operating pressure of 110psi. Our other boiler and pumps do not make these noises comiing from the other D.A. That tank reads 180F all the time. Should we adjust the steam into D.A.#1 to bring down temperature? Everyone here just disregards this and goes on about it like the noise will go away. Again, I'm new to this plant and still trying to figure this quirky place out.
: Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
: JF

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