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Re: low water shut off

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Posted by steve on September 24, 2006 at 15:42:46:

In Reply to: low water shut off posted by kraig on September 09, 2006 at 18:15:57:

: We currently have a reliance levalarm ea100 D low water shut off. We have blown a couple gaskets out recently (250) lb. steam. Is there a low water cut off made without a gasket in it? Just a pipe into it and out of it would be nice. No more gasket to worry about would be nice, thanks.

If you are not using the metal gaskets for these switches, you need to. any other style will not work well. If you are using the right gaskets then inspect the seating areas and look for steam cuts or any other defects. You can take a fine file 10 to 12" long and lightly file the seat to check for low spots on the seating face. If you've never done this, take your time and remember the real object is to flaten the surface all the way around never working in one spot long.
You should be able to tell very quickly if you have low spots or not. Buy a new one if its to much to tackle. Point here, these switch housings don't take kindly to over-tightening, they will worp or bow. You also have to ensure that while tightening, that you do so evenly in more than one round. They are good switches but can be a pain during inspection.

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