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Re: Acid cleaning

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Posted by Steve on August 04, 2006 at 14:52:10:

In Reply to: Acid cleaning posted by Ken on August 02, 2006 at 16:31:25:

: We plan to acid clean our fire tube boilers. I have no experience with the procedure is there anything that I should be cautious of? Thanks, Ken

Sid has stated the waste water requirements in that you must insure that your discharge will not effect the sanitary sewer system if discharged there. The procedure involves adding a 1 - 5 % solution of alkaline material, trisodium phophate, sodium hydroxide, soda ash or preferably something your chemical vender can supply for the job. At any rate you will have to fire the boiler for 6 to 24 hours at 150 deg to just before boiling temp. This should be done in an off line boiler of cource. you may have to shut the boiler down from time to time so it will not get to hot, you only need to get the water circulating, not build steam. Depending on the type of fouling to be removed, boiling out more than once may be required. If this will not get it clean enough, pressure washing of machanical cleaning may be in order. This method is for soft deposits and oils/greases in the boiler. If deposits are heavy at the waterline keep the level an inch or two above the waterline to try and get it all. Remember to try and find the source of contamination and stop it if you can, other wise do more blow downs to keep deposits lower.

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