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Posted by Steve on July 01, 2006 at 14:22:56:

In Reply to: Forum posted by Ken on June 09, 2006 at 14:07:28:

: Wondering why this forum is not more active. Question. I have 2 500hp 100psi boilers that I alternate weekly as one will carry the load. I read on another forum that a person with a similar plant had installed aquastats in his boilers to keep them warm when on stand-by. I think that is probably a good idea. I think I will install a thermometer first and see how much they cool when off. My questions are what temp would folks suggest maintaining 180?. Next does anyone have suggestions on wiring? Could I just put it in the limit circuit with a switch around it or does someone have a suggestion. Thanks, Ken

The Idea of keeping a boiler warm while not in use has been around awhile. The worth whileness is due to not allowing oxygen to have the opportunity to damage metal parts on the water side of the unit and allowing for a "hot" start up were failure of the on-line boiler my cause a loss of some sort. Rapid firing of a cold boiler can damage the boiler settings. If rapid firing is your goal then by all means keep your boiler as hot as possible, maybe a steam blanket if you can afford the loss of condensate. If for boiler water side protection, there are other ways to deal with this problem that are all effective. The main thing to consider first is the water treatment program you are using and if a deaerter is being used in the boiler feed system. If you have a vendor supplying your chemicals you may find that you are adding an oxygen scavenger to your feed which supplies a buffer and consumes oxygen. If the above is true you my not need to do anything to your system sence you rotate boilers on a weekly basis and I would imagin that your boilers are still warm enough and tight enough to prevent oxygen attack. Steam blanket, nitrogen layup, positive pressure on the drum all add up to protection of some degree. A good way to find out how well you are doing in protecting your boilers is to look inside during inspections, that will always tell a story about the operation/operators habits. Hope this helps


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