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Posted by Vern on April 21, 2006 at 11:02:32:

In Reply to: de-alkalizer posted by Craig on April 19, 2006 at 11:50:27:

: will installing a de-alkalizer reduce our steam line treatment usage? we operate a 80,000lb/hr hog fuel water tube boiler at 175psi for our sawmill's kiln drying process. We get about 80% to 85% condensate return. How do calculate what the savings would be? what does it take to operate a de-alkalizer and what is the cost of operation, compared to a zeolite softener, for instance?

A dealkalizer should reduce your steam line treatment usage. The alkalinity in the boiler water breaks down under heat and forms CO2 which leaves with the steam and then condenses, forming carbonic acid which lowers the pH of the condensate causing corrosion. Reducing the amount of alkalinity reduces the amount of CO2 formed, reducing the amount of treatment added. Removing the alkalinity from the water causes another problem. The alkalinity elevates pH in the boiler helping to prevent general corrosion. You will need to add something to elevate pH in the boiler or add an extra corrosion inhibitor or something to help with this. The de alkalizer has to be regenerated when its capacity is depleted, just like a softener. I forget what the regenerant is, but I believe it is an acid. Or you can rent dealkalizers that regenerate offsite. Whatever you do, you may not save as much money as you hope. Your chemical vendor should be able to help with any calculations you need. Email me with what area of the country you are in. My employer has lots of contacts across the country, he may know someone in your area who can help.

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