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Re: Winnipeg DOL

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Posted by ACE on September 24, 2010 at 23:49:27:

In Reply to: Re: Winnipeg DOL posted by dave on September 19, 2010 at 19:19:11:

: : : Has anyone ever had the dis-satisfaction of working with the Department of Labour in Manitoba. These guys seem so hung up on old school technology that they are slowing down any boiler upgrades or replacements just to satisfy the operating engineers. No offense to the operators, they are knowledgable and I have alot of respect for them. However times have changed and low water volume boilers that do not need an engineer are the way of the future. There are so many retros/replacements being done right now and they are halting all of them even though the boilers are already on site and some even installed. Its funny, there are already many of these installed and operating for years and now (10 years later) they change their mind. Any opinions would be gladly recieved. Just driving me nuts

: : I think that they are mostly concerned with safety and all the fact that all Miura components don't meet their standards, after all there are Miura horror stories out thier. Also who's going to care for the Miura without an engineer? You have to br pretty naive to think that they will run without trained individuals looking after them. Sometimes this "old technology" is around because it is tried and tested and with proper operating engineers they last 100 years. How old is the oldest Miura in the city? 10 years if that. By the way im aware of several Miura installations where operators were let go then rehired. Why do you think that is? Also why are CB water tubes the highest selling boiler in the last 5 years if so many new installations are happening? In short your arguments have several holes in them. Most times when new Miuras are installed it is usually new management trying to make a name for themselves without getting all the correct information. Miura SELLS boilers and they are very good salesmen however those in the know understand that with Miuras it is always Buyers Beware!!

: You should look into the approvals. They are UL/ULC/CGA etc approved as a package boiler just like clever crooks and others. As for looking after them I dont think you have all the info, how many engineers actually do the work. A millright, plumber etc are the people called when work needs to be done. Manitoba is a some what new territory BUT they have been running very successfully in other parts of Ontario and US for over 20 years. I am aware of the circumstances of operators being layed off and rehired and unlike you I have looked into it. Ive found that its UNION issues that lead back to rehire. I am not sure if making a name for themselves is correct. They have a very strong customer base and usually this kind of expense is not made over the phone, by 1 person etc. It is a capital expense and is usually not left with a junior employee/manager to make the final decision.

Miura operating controls are not approved, have your plumber and millwright do your water tests and general maintenance then if your so smart. Also call the UofM and find out why their Miura has not been used in years, while your at it give St.Amant Center a call and find out if it was a UNION issue that led to their rehires? Anyway enjoy your Miura and have your electrician fix a toilet while your millwright does your water tests you genius. Hopefully somebody thinks your doing a good job cause it sure sounds like your not. By the way I cant understand why the DOL hasnt hired a smart guy like you who knows twice as much as they do! Im crossing my fingers for more restrictions on smoke and mirror Miuras.

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