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Re: Weils Mclain Model EG-65 Serial # B136649 Steam

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Posted by Bob D. on October 15, 2009 at 11:01:47:

In Reply to: Weils Mclain Model EG-65 Serial # B136649 Steam posted by Brad on October 07, 2009 at 14:52:33:

Well, it would've been nice if the Tech had explained a little bit . . . .
I beleive (each make and model line if different) that on these types of units the only stuff that could be called refractory material is some high-temp (refractory) cement spread around the upper parts of the cast iron sections to provide a flue gas seal. Depending on what the Service Manual says, sometimes this has to be "chipped" away on top (after the outer jacket and fiberglass has been removed) in order to thoroughly brush out and inspect between the cast iron sections, though many guys have their own varying approaches. After a good cleaning, the Tech then applies new cement across the top of the sections, vacuums out the bottom burner area where all the "gunk" and soot lands, and buttons the unit back up. So, a little bit of "white-ish", powdery, cement-looking stuff laying around from a previous year's cleaning that was missed with the shop-vac wouldn't be a big deal.
As for the leaks, if the Tech didn't "tag out" the unit (shut if off and told you not to run it until it's fixed), he must not have thought they were a big deal. I'm very surprised that he didn't schedule a follow-up visit to fix the leaks, or weeps, or whatever you want to call them. That's his bread-and-butter. Yes, they have to be addressed and corrected. If there is some rust on top of the sections then a pretty close look is merited (unless there is another obvious cause), since there could be a weep between the sections. A fitting leak is usually pretty straight-forward, but a section leak can be a major pain.
I'd call the Owner of your service company, and have him clarify exactly what the Tech saw and meant, and get his recommendation on how to proceed, along with cost estimates. But, if you don't trust him, you can always get somebody else.

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