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Re: operator continuous attendance

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Posted by JoeM on June 11, 2009 at 09:54:47:

In Reply to: Re: operator continuous attendance posted by Rick on June 01, 2009 at 11:26:06:

: : : : Can it be justified to consider relaxing a state requirement for continuous attendance of power boilers based on the availability of automatic computer monitored controls and safety shutdown devices? I would be interested in seeing comments regarding boiler attendance requirements / practices from those in juristictions requiring licenced operators

: : : You must be crazy... Look up some exploded boiler pics on the internet. Steam is a very powerful force that can become dangerous and deadly very quickly. Those laws are on the books for a reason.

: : No Son;
: : I am not crazy. I am a licensed First Class Engineer and a Chief. I was referring to state legislature proposals which come up with the backing of industry people seeking to eliminate or change full time operator requirements. What are operator attendance regs in your area? Attendance levels at specific horsepower ratings?

: I am Stationary Engineer in NYC. Here you are required a licenced operator whenever you have a high pressure boiler. That is any boiler operating above 15psig. For refrigeration you are required to have a licenced operator if you have more that 50 HP of compressor(s) on one evaporator. What are your requirements as of now?

As a First Class Engineer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we are governed by MGL Chapter 146 which states the requirements of Boiler operators in three distinct Classes.
Boilers operating over 15psi:
A.) 10 HP to 250 HP = Periodic Attendance.
B.) 250 HP to 500 HP = Non Continous Attendance
C.) 501 HP and greater = Continuous Attendance

The Law aslo allows for operators and Chief's to hold a "Special" license one that allows them to operate only in the plant that the license is issued for. ( but that is another story) and we are required by law to obtain 30 hours of ciontinuing education credits every 5 years to renew our licenses.

Oweners of above boilers continue to try to circumvent the law by making up their own rules for the opeartors and The Department of Public Safety is hard pressed to ensure that the laws as written are being followed. I know this by first
hand experience and have reported them to the DPS. My job as a chief is Safety first! to the public and my engineers and firemen who work under my licence. Now a group of businessmen are seeking to do away with the requirement of operators in plants of 501 hp and greater if "adquate Safety controls are installed" which we all know that controls fail all the time, the only way to ensure that a accident can be prevented is by well trained and licensed operators in attendance. I belong to an organization that is fighting this and has been fighting this and other attempts to do away with our state's license law since 1993 it is: "The Chapter 146 Association". to find out more please go to the website:(www.MassEngineers.com) and follow the link to the Assoication's webpage or write to(Thechapter146assn@gmail.com)

If anyone wishes to speak more on this subject you can contact me @ JMM91@aol.com

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