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Re: new boiler costs

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Posted by Boiler Guy on March 22, 2006 at 16:39:27:

In Reply to: new boiler costs posted by Mike Kratochwill on March 22, 2006 at 16:10:21:

There are many more questions required to give an answer with a realistic level of accuracy;

what emissions are require, ultra-low-NOx will be a significant premium over standard low NOx

what type of controls are required ? basic local control vs a full SCADA system can introduce a siz-figure change

what ancillary equipment is required ? desuperheaters, fan sizing, feedwater systems, economizer, stack, valves and piping, platforms, can all inftoduce additional cost

where is the installation ? the location of installation as well as the labor cost and productivity are critical to estimating an installation cost including transportation of all equipment. Is there existing infrastructure in place ?

Start-up ? Assuming a sophisticated control system and ultra-low-NOx (sub 10 ppm) burner will easily have a six-figure start-up bill alone.

A 200,000 pph plant is a big project. I have done these before. I am really not trying to be a jerk rather point out how much is involved in giving a legitimate answer. A very rough turnkey price will range $ 4 million to $ 6 million. It all depends on what you need.

Boiler Guy

: Does anyone have any information on a practical first hand basis on what it costs to buy and install a new boiler. I'm scoping out a concept for an installation that could include the need for an industrial watertube boiler generating about 200,000 pounds per hour of steam at about 750 F and 670 PSIG, probably a "D type" boiler, with a furnace section fired on natural gas. Any ideas about a rough guess at an installed turnkey price/cost?

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