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Question about High Efficiency Boiler

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Posted by Jake on April 14, 2009 at 22:29:56:

Hi Boiler Room Team

I have 3 questions for the Board in general.
It concerns the installation as follows
I've included links to pics for the replacement outside installation, replacing the Munchkins and related new propane lines...

Note the way the new propane/gas line has been installed in the basement for the new outside once through heaters.
yellow line is the propane line, white 3 inch pipe is the exhaust and fresh air intake for a "199" Munchkin.
total combined length is over 120 feet !
note the supports
there's over two hundred feet of this yellow propane flexi line in this crawl space

THE TWO questions;

1- The Munchkin was set up to burn Methane, not propane. The town site provided propane. Given the possibility that the contractor at least installed the proper burner orifice for a propane source, but still considering how the vent and intake were installed. How long do you think it might take for this boiler to fail and from what specific cause?

2- The yellow propane line, run throughout this basement area. Over 200 feet worth.
Can you see any problem with the new installation and related propane line?

3- When a high efficiency unit is operating, what would be the % CO output of such a Boiler's furnace?

Can you aee any other tell tale problems. The Munchkin ran for over one year, before and incident caused it to be turned off, and a new outdoor system put in its place. I wonder how long it would take to fill up the vent with water and even sooty residue, if propane was burned in a methane unit without the proper conversion being made.

By the way here's a far better installation of the same Munchkin Model.
The Munchkin is a very good unit, but as you can see from the pics at the top
...well feel free to comment. :)

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