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Cleaver Brooks water tube problems with Warrick(Gem) open frame relays

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Posted by Rick Tarbert on March 10, 2009 at 23:16:39:

I work for a small hospital. We have 3 Circa 1972 Cleaver Brooks water tube type D boilers. Burners rated for 18,500pph. These boilers use the "spark plug" style electrodes in the water column. Since taking over the plant in 06/08, I have experienced 5 failures of these electrodes. No one boiler is prone to the problem. They are used for HWA, LWA, LWCO and LLWCO. They where purchased from CAPP. My questions are is anyone else experiencing this failure rate? Is there a more reliable electrode replacement? Also, we are using Warrick open frame relays. These are now produced by GEM. We have experienced many problems with these relays. If we tighten the terminal screws the contacts do not make or they are intermittent. I am thinking of going to the newer style cube relays but before doing so thought I would ask here if any one else has experienced these problems. Oh the current relays are 115v primary with 300v secondaries.
Thanks for any insight, and please ask questions if you need more info to help me.

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