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Re: Water Softener Problems

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Posted by Warren on December 02, 2008 at 18:36:22:

In Reply to: Re: Water Softener Problems posted by jeff on August 23, 2008 at 21:39:27:

: : Hello folks.

: : We have a water softener at our hospital that provides soft water to an ultrasonic equipment washer. The installation is only about a year old and the 11 gallon heated tank on the washer has a buildup of a good 1/2" on the bottom and 1/4" on the sides. After investigating I found that the equipment has used about 5000 gallons over the year or about 100 gallons per week. Can low or occasional flow (15 gallons at a time, once a day) be the cause of poor softening?

: : Any thoughts?

: : Maarten Kenter
: : Woodstock General Hospital
: : Woodstock Ontario Canada

: Maarten,
: Scale should not be here regardless of the type of sofener you have.
: The short list to check would be: Check for the right resen bed, check depth while you are there. Check the flow rate of the back wash. Chek to see if you are not in continuos flush mode. Very important check the temperarture, hot is bad, cold is good.
: Regards
: Jeff

You may be on the right track. If you have a 'big' softener and very small usage, you can get hardness leakage. Just for a reality check consider the following: 10grain hard water would have 171lbs of hardness in 120,000 gallons. 5000 gallons would have have 24 lbs of hardness. Temperature is not really a factor unless you have hard water. Checking to insure that the softener is actually regenerating. Check the effluent water whne the softener is in the brine cycle. It should be salty! and there should be a vacuum on the brine suction line.


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