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Re: fire tube boilers and maybe a link to (all) lukemia

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Posted by rudy on September 12, 2008 at 22:44:24:

In Reply to: Re: fire tube boilers and maybe a link to (all) lukemia posted by Boiler guy on September 09, 2008 at 23:02:25:

thank your that tid bit boier guy any info helps. the reson im looking into this is because i think these guys that i knew growing up and taught me alot hands on and had the honor of working with are tring to tell me somthing in some weird way. These guys were all steam boiler engineers for a hospital which for resons i will not disclose the name.i just need a little more feed back from the industry its self. my dad allways keeped a seperate log book which now have become several,several binders of boiler logs at home that for some reson he keeped. so if maybe if somone can throw me a bone out there, i would be greatful for the insight or information: : Don't hold me to this but I seem to remember most boiler manufacturers stopped using asbestos firebrick and refractory products in the early to mid 1960's. Not to say it probably wasn't exposed during repairs of older boilers for a period of time after.

: : my question is that has any body or does anybody know if their is a link from fire tube boilers? my dad resently pasted away as a steam boiler eng. for more than 35 years he has fallen and i know that 6 others have fallen also. from what i gather is that these men used to have to change and service the fire bricks and sometimes the lining also. i think that asbestos may play alarge roll in this but nobody want's to find out nothing as far as the cause. i can say as working with dad for two years in the eng. dept. i used to hear the hacking coughing and the complaints of inner chest aches and pains.so i wonder if im on the right track that might have taken these men of their deadicated service for over a span of 40 plus years. any information would be loved ever so much. thank you in advance rudy

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