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retrofitting oil fired steam burner with CNG burner

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Posted by ken gilbert on September 03, 2008 at 18:30:13:

since the price of oil seems so much more volatile than the price of CNG, at least around here (new england), i have been looking seriously at replacing the burner.

i understand that there will probably be some performance/efficiency penalty since the boiler combustion chamber is designed a certain way depending on heating medium. however, this retrofit is meant to be neither a long-term nor elegant solution to the problem... that solution will likely be switching over to hydronic. however that is a project that will require a lot more time and a lot more money--more of each than i have right now.

the burner retrofit would physically be mounted and plumbed in by me. i would call a contractor in to tune the flame as i do not have the EG analyzers necessary.

i have a weil-mclain boiler of about 25 years old from my estimation (i am a relatively new owner of the house). i am having trouble identifying it and will probably post a picture of it here for assistance. i am hoping that it is somewhat compatible with a gas flame.

basically, are there any conversion burners that have proven to be better than others? are there any suppliers or vendors of those burners that someone could point me to? i have ballparked the price in the 700 to 1k range based on the small amount of information i've found on the net.

any help is appreciated!


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