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Re: CB steam blanket for hot standby?

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Posted by Marty on July 27, 2008 at 01:30:41:

In Reply to: Re: CB steam blanket for hot standby? posted by Damon Kraft on July 25, 2008 at 13:59:07:

The boilers are only needed as a back up in case the HRSG/genset should trip (<.1% unexpected downtime) or have to be shut down for maintenance. We have two absorbers that use the steam for our chilled water system. However, we also have HP and LP centrifugal chillers that can be started faster than the absorbers anyway. Probably the only sticking point would be that a small part of the resort (an adition that was added at the same time that the cogen plant was built) is fed off this steam system. My feeling is that a cost/benefit alalysis could prove that a system modification (at the resort) to use their boilers, or a facility operational procedure change to use in the case of the .1% unexpected HRSG/genset trip would be a big cost/energy saver. The only time the fire tube boilers and the HRSG are both on at the same time is
(1) Restoration of turbine trip
(2) Warming up the boilers (2) for hot standby.

This is why I believe a warm standby with a steam blanket would be a wise choise...not to mention a big $$ saver.
Thanks for your reply. Any Cleaver Brooks firetube boiler steam blanket experiences are welcome.

: Marty, first question what are the boiler being used for. Are both need at the same time at any time?

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