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Rust-prevention coatings for water jacket?

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Posted by John Todd on July 20, 2008 at 00:39:38:

I've come into posession of a very small 1933 vintage boiler. It's not a tubed boiler - it is a "chamber" boiler (not sure of the right name - basically the fire is encased in a water jacket; flue gasses go out a single vent.) Probably about 7hp capacity.

I'm in the process of restoring it for an 1895 single-cyl steam engine I'm also restoring. But that's a longer story.

The boiler is pretty rusty and ugly, but doesn't seem to have any areas (even in the mud ring) that are excessively pitted, so I think it will pass a hydro-test easily. I intend to have it chemically dipped to remove all traces of paint and rust and so I can see what's what as far as seams, etc. This dipping process will bring the metal back to a point where it will immediately rust when exposed to wate. Sandblasting won't reach inside the water jacket.

I'd like to keep it in nice condition internally, and I'm wondering if there are any coatings I could spray or flood the water jacket with which would eliminate or significantly slow rust formation. This boiler is small enough to roll it around with a gallon of stuff inside it to coat the walls, for instance. I've seen very nice coatings for the insides of fuel tanks. Of course, that stuff won't work at 380F or whatever the inside-jacket walls reach during firing. I figure most paints will also have similar burning/heat fatigue problems - or will they?

Anyone have any coating ideas that are contenders?


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