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Re: Miura Boiler vs Fulton Boiler

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Posted by Boiler Guy on May 29, 2008 at 09:07:47:

In Reply to: Re: Miura Boiler vs Fulton Boiler posted by Miura Guy on May 28, 2008 at 23:26:08:

I make no secret as a personal preference I do not care for that style of boiler, regardless of the manufacturer. I have no issue with Miura as a manufacturer but that does not mean the type of boiler they supply does not have some applications for which it's design, or the design of any similar configuration of boiler, is not as good as other steam generating technologies. There is no one boiler configuration that is ideal for all applications. To recommend any manufacturer's boiler without having a sound understanding of the unique dynamics of the system in question represents a foolish and immature approach to boiler room engineering.

I have no gain of any type from answering this question. It is of no matter to me what boiler the customer ultimately chooses to install. I am simply pointing out some parameters to be considered as a courtesy to the person asking the question to assist him in making an informed decision.

By naming yourself Miura Guy I can only assume you have some vested interest in the promotion of a Miura boiler. While that in itself is no issue to me the fact you ridicule the importance of understanding the operational details only leads to me to believe your primary intention is the promotion of your boiler and not assisting a customer in making an ideal selection. If that is the case so be it and say so, but don't mock the importance of the questions I ask simply to promote your preferred vendor.

: Why would you want a buffer for load swings? Why do you need to give a burner time to ramp up? A resevoir of heat? Why don't the areas of the world that have high costs of fuel use firetube boilers?

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