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Re: Cracked boiler

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Posted by bob on January 05, 2008 at 09:30:15:

In Reply to: Cracked boiler posted by Brad G. on December 08, 2005 at 15:07:27:

:Listen you guys, I own a lot of big apartment buildings, some where I pay the heat, and some where the tenants do. But when there's a problem with the boiler, it's ALWWAYS my fault - and when the idiot mainmentence men that work for me screw everything up and I end up with a cracked boiler, I'm the one that has to deal with it and there is only one thing to do. If you call the boiler experts/criminals, it will cost you $5,000.00 and if you let it go the tenants will start screaming. I tried everything the first time it happened, Jb Weld doesn't work, furnace cement works for a while, but because it doesn't expand or contract with the metal heat cycles, after one season or so it starts to leak. Atlas running water repair can work but it's so tricky to use, and unless you lpressure test before you put the boiler back together, you could be SCREWED. There is this stuff called RECTORSEAL HI TEMP 100% RTV Silicone sealant. It's red. This stuff works great on boiler cracks, and nothing else I've found works at all. It is splecially good when you have to fix the crack NOW because the tenants have no heat. You can pull the boiler apart and put this stufffon in one day. BE CAREFUL. wire brush the shit out of the metal where the crack is, and then with your bare finger moosh the stuff into the crack, driving it as deep as you can.. Here's the trick. do not leave anything but a thin skim on the on the metal, or it will heat up and burn and ruin everything. Moosh it quickly, but moosh it like you work tar into a gutter corner, making usre you get good adhesion and as much surface area of contact as possible. if the section is still hot, it will start hardening within 3 minutes.. and do it IMMEDIATELY when you take out the cracked section. so it has more time to cure while you are putting the boiler back together. Believe me - this stuff works great and it's not epoxy, so you can get up and running within 6-8 hours. I've probably saved enough through the years to pay for my summer house, and there's a lot of boiler repair guys who came in and told me on a Burnham V-6 that the crack couldn't be fixed, I needed a new boiler, theyve been doing this 20 years, and what did I know about boilers bla bla bla Just remember that if they ve been fixing boilers for 20 years, that says a lot about their creativity. IK've got a small Weil mcclain thats been going for over ten years. Even if you still have a tiny leak, as long as you are running low steam pressure, 1/2 psi or less, the small leaks cure themselves over time because the crud inthe boiler water cloogs them up over time. good luck

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