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Re: Polymer/Nexguard Nalco

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Posted by Gary on November 26, 2003 at 09:24:43:

In Reply to: Polymer/Nexguard Nalco posted by Tom Crocco on November 20, 2003 at 18:13:13:

We experienced a similar problem using Nalco's Advanced Condensate Treatment program (ACT)
it was due to overfeeding of the chemical. It would cause our boilers to foam up and carry over.
We were finding green gunk in our steam traps and strainers. Also our heating coils were gunking up and freezing. After Many man-hours of blowing down the system and cleaning our traps we got rid of the so-called latest in water treatment miracles. Beware of the latest & Greatest i find if it aint broke dont f%*K with it.

: We've switched chemical suppliers using a new polymer and trying to maintain between 1285-1434 as recommened by them. What we are experiencing is boilerwater with a green tint and when the steam drum was opened,even the inside had a very slight greenish film. This does not sound normal.
: Has anyone else ever experienced this? even the meter recommended by them does not read that high so they told us to dilute boiler sample by 50% and multiply results by 2.

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