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Posted by sushant on June 18, 2004 at 08:01:14:

Hello all,

We have a HP boiler with 65 kg/cm2 steam pressure, 3.5 T/hr capacity (water tube, coil type oil fired, with a modulation and a turn down ratio of 1:2) with a VVVF driven reciprocating feed water pump with a rated efficiency of 84% but it delivers just 75%.Here are a few queries

1) We suspect scaling of coils.IS there any method of finding how much the coils are scaled

2)We have done successful modulation of fuel and water. And we plan to run the Centrifugal blower (air) with a VVVF drive to control excess air. Has it been tried and would it be successful....

3)We are not able to get 80-90C feedwater temp. If we rise the temp. cavitation starts in the pump. And so we could rise the temp only upto 70 C. So we thought of using a booster pump before the FW pump which would increase the suction pressure of the FW pump. Prevent cavitation and at the same time help us to rise the temp to 90-95...Would there be some problem...??

4)We also plan an air pre heater for the boiler(using the flue gas )...but there would be huge deposits of soot...so would it be feasible
I hope all of u out there would help me.Thnx byebye

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