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Re: New Utica boiler sight tube bounce

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Posted by Tim D on May 29, 2004 at 07:22:15:

In Reply to: Re: Boiler water carryover on New Utica cast iron boiler? posted by mark on May 25, 2004 at 05:51:17:

: : Last month we replaced our 5 year old 750,000btu/hr cast iron sectional boiler due to corrosion failure from using untreated hard city water. The new utica is the same size model, but we elected to start a boiler chemical treatment & we are having 2-3" of bouncing in the sight tube?

: : We have a hartford loop, skimmed several times and flushed out twice, but We are having water carryover only at full load ( which is about 95% of input capacity) The steam supply tapings are two 2" diameter tapings at 8" height before they elbow to a horizontal steam line. Would any one have a recomendation to reduce boiler water carryover? Should we increase the height of these tapings to 24" or higher to keep boiler water in boiler?

: : I beieve the old unit had enough scale inside to insulate and minimize carryover. The old unit stack temp was 600F and the new unit is 450F.

: : Thanks
: where you at with your NOWL. If set to high with a cast iron boiler you will be invading your steam space which will cause alot of bouncing with your water level.

The water carryover has stopped. The sight tube water level is at or 1" above the 30 1/2" water line mark when operating. When boiler is off, the sight tube water level is 1" below the water line mark. Which is the proper method of verifying NOWL?

Thanks for the help.

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