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Re: Boiler priming and carry over

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Posted by Tony Conner on May 29, 2004 at 05:46:17:

In Reply to: Boiler priming and carry over posted by Ken on May 28, 2004 at 12:36:47:

We hit that at one plant where we do some work. After searching for weeks (literally), we finally found that one of the dealkalizers wasn't rinsing properly. Everything in this plant is automatic, so the re-gen, and switching of the units happens all by itself. When it was time for the dealk in service to go through re-gen, the second unit came on, and proceeded to rinse into the DA. 15 minutes later, this water would hit the boiler, and low water trip after trip, for about a half an hour. Then, the problem would vanish, because the unit was done rinsing, and the water quality was back to normal. By the time they called us, and we got there, everything would be fine - except for a lot of unhappy production people. To compound this problem, it was a style of steam boiler with no gauge glass, so you couldn't really see what was happening inside. The alarm screen showed high conductivity, and low water trip, but both controls had caused repeated nuisance-trip problems in the recent past.

Good luck with your problem, and let us know what finally turns out to be the cause.

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