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Re: Fuel oil tank calculations

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Posted by BoilingMan on March 26, 2004 at 09:15:36:

In Reply to: Re: Fuel oil tank calculations posted by Tony on March 19, 2004 at 05:54:40:

: I knew Bob was right on his calculations for a vertical tank, I guess I wasn't very clear with my explanation of our tank and it's layout. My apoligies to all who mis-understood. This tank is laying on its side 567" long and flat ends 144" dia. Also I wasn't criticizing Bob I knew he was trying to be helpful and I appreciate all advice and help that I have recieved. So if I sounded short or angry I wasn't. I will check out the web address you gave and see if it helps. I have a mathmatical formula that appears like it might be correct. Thanks for your help

Hi folks!
Unfortunately you can't make it per inch, you have to have table Level to Volume.

There is my 10 cents in this "big problem":

Volume of horizontal cyl. in CUBIC INCHES=

L*(ACOS((R-H)/R)* R^2-sqrt(H*(D-H)) * (R-H))

Where L Lenth of cylinder; H level of liquid

D Diameter (in); R Radius

To convert from cu.in to US Gallon Multiply by

There is an example for table in Quattro Pro Spreadsheet or EXCEL. Quattro Pro is better since it does automatic calculations!

where Column A is Lenth; Column B is H (level);

Column C is Diameter; Column D is Radius

and Column E or any other is Volume.
Enter into that Column this formula exactly
and Copy-Paste it down.
You can enter in column D =C/2, to get radius.

Only set the line numbers i.e. A3, D3, B3, C3,

Good luck!

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