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Re: Loss of water

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Posted by Amy on February 26, 2004 at 17:31:24:

In Reply to: Re: Loss of water posted by Dan on February 25, 2004 at 22:34:05:

: Dan, You scare me by saying "why wait all day to refill the boiler with hot, deaeriated feedwater." It is equally scary to me to say that the low water condition is just operator error. Low water is not a normal condition, and it has to be taken seriously...any experienced operating engineer would know this. I agree that the cause of the problem needs to be properly determined and corrected, but I will tell you that low water means put the fire out...period. Cold water is extremely damaging to a hot boiler. And boiler explosions are not pretty, but they do and have happened. I have been through four furnace explosions personally, and will tell you that I am speaking from experience....not just trying to scare people. Even if there is no grand explosion, a reoccurring low water condition can be very damaging to the life of a boiler....especially, if people are putting cold water in the boiler. I can't stress my point enough. Please take this seriously, because it is deadly...no, the furnace explosions of course had nothing to do with a low water condition....I'm just trying to stress that yeah....serious things do go down in a steam plant, and it's the operator's job to keep the bad things from going down. :)

: What are you ppl talking about. Maybe a little more explination of why his boiler even goes low water in the first place should be looked at and fixed first and if the boiler trips on a low water condition, why wait all day long to refill that sucker back up with HOT DEAIRATED BOILER FEEDWATER. Obviously if he has steam pooring out the stack then there is a major tube leak and refilling and restarting would be bad but maybe their operators can't maintain NOWL effectivley and need more training on how to properly operate a boiler or maybe look into you drum level control system. Stop scaring the shit out of people when you have little information to go off of to begin with. Pay a little more attention to what he is saying and it seems that this low water condition is a reoccuring problem and probably is just operator error than equipment failure.

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