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Re: Don't assume liability by doing fix-it.

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Posted by Ridge Kennedy on January 18, 2004 at 07:31:03:

In Reply to: Don't assume liability by doing fix-it. posted by Yodaddy on January 17, 2004 at 15:44:58:

: I understand you are experiencing super cold weather right now and you need your boiler operating properly, but don't let that drive you to attempting something that could destroy your house and maybe kill you in the process.

I'll go along with that.

: Take care not to be heard this way, "I think it's the (fill in the blank) and I want it replaced"...He will do exactly that and then pack up his tools and hand you a bill. If you then leave this forum with a few ideas and attemp a fix yourself, you are only deeper in trouble and no closer to a solution.

Point well taken.

: To help you solve your problem, I'll volunteer this much. I sounds signifigant that you said the pilot flame went out and then the control system continued to try to light the boiler.

: Well, in a properly operating system the boiler should not fire if the pilot is not lit. Your boiler has one of two possible pilot systems. It either has a 'standing' pilot or one that is lited shortly before main burner.

this is the latter -- ignites before the call for gas to the main control valve. The sensor/switch that was replaced has the thermocouple-probe that tell the main gas valve that there is a pilot going before the main valve opens. Clearly critical safety item and I'm not about to play with in any way.

: So if you go in there and tinker around to where you get the main gas valve to open with out pilot

No, never.

Just like to know if anyone knows of any other compoenent in this kind of system that could cause the mercsensor switch (thermocouple) to fail or only work intermittantly; and if there are any recommendations for a full replacement for the ignition system that would be more reliable, that I might ask my contractor to install? It hasn't stopped working againg, but I remain concerned.

Thank you verey much for your time and considerate, and well considered reply.



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