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Re: fire side cleaning with gas???

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Posted by flyman on January 15, 2004 at 21:35:10:

In Reply to: fire side cleaning with gas??? posted by Ron on January 02, 2004 at 17:47:19:

: I work at a facility with 3 large(950 hp) water tube boilers that run on natural gas or #6 oil. The plant staff have a policy of switching from oil which has been the least cost fuel for the past year to gas in order to "clean out" the fire box.

: Coming from a marine back ground I find this practice to be shady at best. The excuse that the soot is not removed from he fire box during blowing of the tubes therfor the boilers need to go the gas at high fire to clean up. we dident have any natural gas at sea and never had problems.

: The plant has no set schedual for switching to gas ther for it may be a week befor a boiler is switch over for a short time. I would think that by this time the soot or any un burnt fuel to reach the refractery would have been damaged and switching to gas would not help. Is switching to gas a comin practice that I dont know about?

: I look forward to any insight anyone might have concerning this situation. Thanks

: Ron

i'm glad to see the marines taught you to ask why, from my nuclear navy experience (where you have to ask why) now in a small plant i always have to ask why and never get an answer except "that's what we do"

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