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Re: Compressed Air Receiver piping question:

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Posted by BOILERMAN on January 09, 2004 at 16:58:46:

In Reply to: Compressed Air Receiver piping question: posted by Tom on January 08, 2004 at 16:38:56:

: Compressed air receivers are large tanks that stand vertical with piping flanges on the side (one near top of tank and one near bottom). Which should be the air inlet and which should be the air outlet? Does it matter and if so why? We have one air receiver (installed 1950) that is piped inlet at top and outlet at bottom. Now they want to install a second air receiver and this time pipe it the other way. Is one way the correct way?

Manny said it right with the inlet on the bottom and the outlet on the top. There are two functions of a tank of this type. One is to add bouyancy for the air ( reserve air space ) and to separate the condensate from the air. Therefor providing dry air to the system. Most of the ones that I have seen take the air in on the side and the outlet is either on the top or side as this provides for bettter separation of the air and water. Most all of this type have A automatic or manual drain valve to remove the condensate from the tank as it will build up over time. If the oulet is on the bottom then all of the condensate the seperates from the air will be driven out into the system with the air.

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